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What a day…..

We had the honour of spending pretty much the whole day with Eliza and Ben, and their wonderful family and friends, documenting their day. We’ve been around a lot of couples on their wedding day but it’s hard to recall another wedding where things were so relaxed – there was not an ounce of stress from anyone.

Also, never before have we seen a couple arrive at their wedding in a chopper, that’s taken ‘arrivals’ to the next level!

The weather could not have been more perfect for their late afternoon ceremony at Four Winds Vineyard, which was followed by wood – fired pizzas, wine and lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Eliza and Ben, it was an absolute pleasure to capture your beautiful day. The love you are both surrounded by will be a lasting memory of your day.

Couple: Eliza & Ben Date: 1st April 2017 Location: Four Winds Winery, NSW, Australia. Assistant/2nd Shooter: Rebecca O'Brien

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