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The bride’s dress was covered in feathers and the groom had the biggest smile on his face all day. These guys know how to have fun!

Their early morning ceremony at Gold Creek Chapel was followed by a super sophisticated, and very decadent, mid-afternoon high tea at the beautifully classic Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

Despite a severe weather warning with squally rain and winds which threatened to carry everyone away, there was an abundance of laughter and fun as we found shelter at the National Gallery of Australia and Sculpture Garden. We did managed to squeeze in a few outdoor shots in-between showers.

Congratulations Helen and Jarod. Thank you for trusting us to capture your most special of days.

Damian and Sarah

Couple: Helen & Jarod

Date: 1st November 2014

Locations: Gold Creek Chapel. National Gallery of Australia. Hyatt Hotel Canberra.

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