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Love and laughter are a winning combination and these guys are lucky enough to have both covered. Katrina and Luke have such beautiful, warm and generous families and friends, who were all so blessed to be witnessing the start of this next chapter of their lives.

Their beautiful wedding ceremony was held at the gorgeous St John’s Church in Reid followed by a photo shoot on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. We got caught in a very sudden storm but that just made for some fun memories (and cool photos) as we all ran for cover. We finished up (under cover) at the National Gallery of Australia before heading to the Federal Golf Course or all the food and fun. Judging by the number of people up on the dance floor before the entrees had even been served: this was going to be one fun party.

Congratulations Katrina and Luke, and thank you for letting us share your special day.

Client: Katrina & Luke

Date: 15th March 2014

Locations: St John's Church Reid, Lake Burley Griffin, National Gallery of Australia and Federal Golf Course

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